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innokin iClear 30
innokin iClear 30
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innokin iClear 30
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innokin iClear 30 (New box design)

Can hold 3.0ml of e-liquid and offers a great vape experience. With its dual coil design you get a steady flow of e-liquid in to the coils which is sucked up by the 16 wicks that runs the full length of the clearomizer. The iClear 30 allows you to replace the clearomizer head, saving you money. With its transparent and sleek design you are able to see how much e-liquid is left in the clearomizer. The iClear 30 is leak proof and prevents e-liquid from getting in to your mouth. The side of the unit has markings with numerical measurements to show you how much e-liquid in (ml) you have.  The iClear 30 packs great flavor decent throat hit and a ton of vapor. The unique stainless rotatable drip tip is a great addition to the clearomizer. The drip tip rotates for a more ergonomic vape experience.

Check out the Article- iClear 30 <Click

  • 1- iClear 30 dual coil clearomizer
The iClear 30 consist of a base, coil, cap, drip tip and tube all which is included in the kit. The crystal box has been changed to a more compact design. This saves on shipping cost for all of us.

  • Resistance: 2.0ohm or 1.5ohm
  • Capacity: 3.0ml
  • CompatibleeGo/T/C 650mah/900mah/1000mah battery
  • The Coils used in this model do not work with the standard iClear.
  • Batteries that can support the iClear 30: Mini eGo, eGo/eGo-C, eGo Twist (650 & 1000mAh), eVic, Vmax, Vamo, Innokin MVP. Just about any MOD or e-cig that supports a standard 510 or ego connection.
  • Please note that eGo batteries (eGo, eGo C and the eGo twist style batteries will need an eGo Sleeve Type C. This is not needed to operate but is highly recommended.

Do not fill through the center hole. 

How to fill:
  1. Unscrew the top cap from the clearomizer
  2. Fill 2.5ml - 3.0mll of e-liquid from the side
  3. Do NOT pour the e-liquid into the narrow metal tube in the middle. The narrow metal tube  is only for airflow.
  4. Screw the tip back in.
  5. Please wait 1-2 minutes for the e-liquid to feed into the coil before you start to vape.

Rating Great clearomizer
i must say the hype i was hearing is true. i have had great luck with this clearomizer and it performs great. The 30 is so far the best clearomizer i have tried and i have tried a lot of them. The tip is great and i love the concept. I hope to see replacement coils very soon.
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Reviewed by:  from Washington. on 4/10/2013
Rating Innokin Iclear 30
Have been using this Clearomizer for a couple of weeks and am totally satisfied with it's performance. Flavor, Vape Volume are super however, uses quite a bit of juice, which I would expect with a dual coil. I would highly recommend this unit.
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Reviewed by:  from Cape Canaveral, Florida. on 7/24/2013
Rating It grew on me...
Okay, so I ordered this about 3 months ago & at first I didn't really think much of this tank. It didn't produce any more vapor than my vivi nova 3.5ml but yet it was drinking e-liquid like there was no bottom to the tank. I'm not stupid... I knew it was going to use more e-liquid due to the fact that it has 2 coils & double the amount of wicks, & I was fine w/ that. What I wasn't fine about was that the vapor production was the same or less than VN I was using. So... kept using it so my husband wouldn't say, "I told u it was a waste of money." Then after 2 months I turned a corner & landed in "I love my tank" land. I spent hours messing with it & have finally got it working fantastic! So before you give up let me help you or if you don't have any problems with it... Good for you. 1. Make sure the pin on your battery is tall enough to make sure the bottom of the tank is touching to ensure proper contact. 2. DO NOT screw the tank down all the way! There are 2 small holes on the "male" end of the tank that need to be able to take in air. 3. This tank was also leaking from the bottom every time I filled it & every Vapor out there know this will drive you to drink! So.. DO NOT fill the liquid high enough so that the bottom coil is swamped. Fill it just below the "full" mark on the tank. So after all this I stand by this tank. It is a great looking design, & would recommend it to anyone! P.S. The drip tip does not come off so all of those awesome tips you have can't be used & yes it sucks up e-liquid.. Double the coils double the liquid usage!!
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Reviewed by:  from Boise, ID. on 6/8/2013
Rating The best
This is seriously the best tank i have. Insane amounts of vapor while still delivering flavor. Hasn't leaked on me yet and is built to last. Dropped it a few times now without cracking the plastic.
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Reviewed by:  from New York. on 6/5/2013
Rating Wow!
Ok now we have something here! Have tried so many clearomizers and tanks..none made me happy. This made me happy. I have been using it 6 days steady now and it's performing like a champ! No burnt taste, no silicon or metal or chemical taste...all I taste is the juice! A must have! Bravo Innokin! Bravo! And to add...this is a great price with great service!
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Reviewed by:  from VA. on 5/6/2013
Rating iclear 30
This clearamizer is by far the greatest one I have ever used. It is amazing, super heavy hits, big tank, 16 wicks, and replaceable heads. I am using a joyetech ego twist, works great with it.
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Reviewed by:  from Sarasota , Fl. on 4/22/2013
Rating nice but.....
This thing WILL leak. turn it upside down and see if it does not leak out drip tip?? i got e-juice in my mouth several times. Vivi Nova never leak out of drip tip into mouth. Do not like the big mmetal drip tip your stuck with on this either. I am happy to stick with my Vivi Nova.
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Reviewed by:  from Louisville, Ky.. on 4/16/2013
Rating Vaper 3+yrs
I have said l will use and endorse a wick based tank system when they hit like a carto tank. I'm using it and endorsing it. Innokin is a quality product, not a knock-off.
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Reviewed by:  from Clwtr Fl. on 4/4/2013
Rating Great Hit. But one issue
Love the tight draw and heavy hit, but it will flood if left on its side, this is mostly a problem when I use this with my Tesla Mod. It's not an issue if used with a lanyard from my Spinner. also need to store it when not using it in a vertical position or I drink a LOT of juice. Maybe replacement coil will help? I still like this better than the Kanger pro tank 2 or 3!
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Reviewed by:  from Daytona Beach . on 4/18/2014
Rating Innokin iclear 30
I'll be getting this one next. I've got another glass tank and there is simply NO comparison in flavor and quality once put against a plastic tank. I love the idea I can tilt the top. If your looking for a product that will wash up , give a nice clean taste and easy to maintain to include how to put in the coil......there simply is no excuse to waste ones e juice on any other system. I've battled ego plastic tanks for along time thinking I was not doing it right..I've yet to find one that wont leak until I found a glass bottom coil clearo . It was like a whole new system and I'm sticking to my story!
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Reviewed by:  from Southern, OK. on 8/10/2013
Rating iClear 30
I originally wrote a very negative review of this model when I first received it, and I asked Tim to remove it in the interest of fairness as I felt I hadn't given it a fair chance. I bought a 1.5 ohm model due to the 2.0 being out of stock. I figured I would just buy 2.0 ohm heads if the 1.5 wasn't satisfactory. However when I first filled it (to the full line) all I got was gurgles and very little vape. When I detatched it from my battery my juice was dripping out the hole in the bottom! Initially I just wanted to toss it in the trash, but I calmed down, opened it up, cleaned it up, soaked it and let it dry over night. When I filled it again the next day it worked OK, nothing spectacular, but OK. However over the next few days the gurles and leaks restarted, and I figure I must have a bad head, as it was totally over-wicking. (I still feel 16 wicks are unecessary). I put it down and considered selling it, or sending it back, but somehow I just couldn't, it's so cool to look at, and the construction seems really good. So, I descided to buy new 2.0 ohm heads, however these were unfortunately out of stock - so I checked out the spare 2.0 ohm heads for my iClear 16's (which I adore by the way) and found that they are basically exactly the same part, just with four big wicks. So, I screwed one on, filled it and - WOW - works perfect! No gurgles, no dry hits, great vape! So I'm rocking the iClear 30 with an iclear 16 head..I'm not gonna bother buying the 30 heads, and genuinely think the 4 wick system works better. Anyway, sorry for the long review, and I'm very happy with it now.
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Reviewed by:  from Florida. on 4/16/2013
Rating Great quality
i am impressed with this model. I used the smaller 16 one and loved that one but this one holds more liquid and is fantastic. Tim helped me understand the difference between the two resistance and was very helpful. Excellent support and great products.
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Reviewed by:  from Dallas. on 4/10/2013
Rating Nova killer
very good vapor production and taste! Way better than the vivi nova...no dry hits no burnt hits, do the many wicks, i rock it at 4.5v...to be honest i hate my vision vivi nova now lol...this thing is a beast with no problems.
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Reviewed by:  from Miami. on 4/10/2013
Rating Vape monster
I love this clearomizer. It hits verry good and is very easy to use. my wife was impressed when she saw the amount of vapor i was able to get from it. I would give it 5 stars but i am not impressed with the threading on the mouthpiece. I love the swivel tip and its cool but i would like to put on a 510 tip sometimes since i have a cool collection of them. Maybe an adapter or a new top plate will be available soon. That being said i have had no leaking or dry burns from this. I had a slight gurgle at the first fill but that could be me putting it in the center hole. It has been fine for the last 6 days. Great product selection.
  Did you find this helpful?    0 of 1 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from CA. on 4/10/2013

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