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Why does my eGo-C leak?

Posted by Administrator on 5/5/2012 to Useful Information
Some consumers have complained about leaking around the atomizer. We have several possible causes and solutions.

First possible cause may be how the user inhales when using the tank system. The tank system was designed to have liquids flow only when the user inhales. If you hold a full tank cartridge up, you will see the liquid does not flow out. This is because the size of the hole and the surface tension of the liquid prevents it from flowing out. However, when a person inhales, it pulls liquid out of the tank. If a person inhales strongly or very quickly, it pulls lots of liquid out of the tank and the atomizer doesn’t have enough time to vaporize all of it. This leaves excess liquid on top of the atomizer. As the user continues to vape, this excess builds up and eventually leaks out around the atomizer. To solve this problem, first blow the excess liquids out of the atomizer cone. Then, try vaping again, but do not inhale too strongly or quickly.

Another possibility is the user inhales but does not press the atomizer button quickly or long enough. The result is liquid will come out but not be vaporized. As you continue to use it, excess liquid builds up and starts to leak. The solution is to make sure you press the button as you start to inhale and press long enough to make sure all the liquid is vaporized.

One other possibility is the tank cap is damaged. If you take the tank cap off often there is a chance of damaging that part of the lid. If part of the lid is damaged and liquid can come out of that damaged part, then when you inhale more liquid than the atomizer can burn will come out and eventually the excess will leak. The solution is to check for damaged cartridges and replace them if damaged. Also make sure the tank is pushed fully into the atomizer. If there is a space, excess liquids can build up there also.