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Vision VT

Posted by QC Team on 7/11/2013 to Test Results

Product Description: The Vision VT is a newly designed clearomizer that is part of Visionís Victory line. It is all stainless and made up of 4 total pieces consisting of a 2ml capacity plastic tank, molded mouthpiece, tapered eGo skirt, and replaceable coil head. There are 3 available resistance levels and it comes in a variety of colors.

Product Specifications:

Tank Diameter: 15mm | 0.59 inches

Length: 74.5mm |  2.87 inches

Resistance: 1.8 ohm, 2.4 ohm, 2.8 ohm

Capacity: 2.0ml

Appearance: The size and overall shape of the VT is rather similar to the Mini Vivi Nova, but that is about as close to the MVN as it gets. It is a bit of a frankenmizer with its stainless all one piece top, Vivi plastic tube, CE4ish base, and T2 like coil assembly. It does have a somewhat sleek appearance being all stainless top and bottom but the base is a bit odd with a mix of knurling and turned lines as if they were trying to create an illusion of two separate pieces. The lower portion of the base, the skirt, with the turned lines also tapers just slightly. The word Victory is etched on the inside post and the resistance is etched on the coil head which are nice little nuances. A very basic numerical measurement scale is printed on one side of the tank.

Design: This is where the love affair starts to take a nasty turn for the worse. The stainless steel does give it a classy yet sturdy look but upon further examination the stainless is extremely thin and lightweight, feeling more like aluminum or tin. The plastic tank tube looks and feels as though it scratches very easily and seems to become cloudy over a very short period of time. I mentioned the two air holes in the skirt, well those are there to ensure air can reach up and around where the two connections meet, which is vital to the whole vapor delivery system. So why they make the skirt taper cutting off any possibility of additional airflow from beneath perplexes me. Even worse, the air holes are drilled a few millimeters too low so if the battery or PV has a long or tall 510 connection the air holes are completely blocked. The only positive point we felt about the skirt design was that it fits easily into deep well eGo connections with outside threading, as long as the holes donít get blocked by said threading.

Functionality: The VT uses three resistance levels with coils coming in 1.8 ohms, 2.4 ohms, and 2.8 ohms. It is a top coil design and therefore should be filled from the top. Once the cap is screwed on completely it forms a leak proof seal. It is recommended that higher VG juices be avoided as they are known to not wick well with top coil clearomizers.

Performance: Not surprising in the least, the VT has a very stiff draw. When attached to certain batteries and mods the VT did not perform at all as the airflow was completely blocked off. When we were able to use them we were even less enthused with the inconsistent hits, lack of flavor, and poor vapor production. As far as flavor, there was none; All juices tried were very muted and fairly tasteless, and that was when we were able to get a decent amount of vapor from the super tight draw. Then after turning green and almost passing out  from inhaling so hard probably 80% if not more were either dry, burnt, or both. This should not have come as a surprise after the horrible performance we encountered with the Victory bottom coil clearomizer, but with a different design we had hopes.

Benefits: Iím thinking, hold on Öokay ... With the molded mouthpiece you wonít need a separate tip for it. The ability to remove both top and bottom makes it easy to clean and change heads, and being able to change the heads will save money vs. replacing the entire unit.

Overall Experience and Thoughts: Not trying to beat a dead horse but Vision may want to consider redesigning more than just their products. First the Victory Bottom Coil Clearomizer and now the VT Clearomizer have both failed miserably as far as we are concerned. The materials used in making the VT feel cheap and flimsy, regardless if it is truly made of stainless or not. It seems they were trying so hard to make the VT appealing to the eye that they gave very little if any thought at all to the actual performance engineering of the device. Half the time or more it didnít even want to perform and when it did it performed very badly. It should be noted this was not just the case with one tester, but with all of our in-house staff. Some may be disappointed that this will not be available for purchase but we would rather you be disappointed that we donít carry it over angry after receiving it and experiencing what a dog it really is. Based on these findings we will not be offering this product to our valued customers.