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Vision Slip

Posted by QC Team on 7/13/2013 to Test Results

Product Description: The Vision slip is an all stainless steel highly polished mod that is just under 3 inches tall and weighing in at 3.6 oz.  It works with 18350 and 16340, 3.7 volt batteries and has a 510 connection with a 5 time rapid press on and off power button.

Product Specifications:

Height: 72.7mm | 2.87 inches

Diameter: 21.25mm | 0.84 inches

Battery Type: 3.7 Volt 16340 and 18350

Material: Stainless Steel

Connection: 510

Button: Wired with LED

Appearance: This is one cool looking little mod. The high polished finish is beautiful but is definitely a fingerprint magnet. It is just under 3 inches tall and under an inch in diameter with just a small etched Vision Slip logo at the bottom of the battery tube. The control head fits nearly seamless with the battery tube and has a small roughly 3mm round clear button with a blue LED light imbedded inside. The top has one solid air channel running across from one end to the other with the 510 connection in the middle. The 510 connection pin is brass and there are two small ventilation holes in the bottom battery cap.

Design: It is obvious a good amount of thought went into the design of the slip, for the most part. The overall design is very classy looking but with purpose in mind as well. Its small size yet sturdy build makes the Slip a perfect carry mod for the pocket or purse, hence the name “Slip”. It is very basic yet sleek to look at and to hold with the control head and battery cap seams being virtually nonexistent. The beveled top edges and small size makes it very comfortable to hold and carry in the hand.

Functionality: The Slip runs off of a 3.7 volt 16340 or 16350 battery, the shortest available in their respective diameters. It has a native 510 connection making it compatible with most 510 atomizer devices though eGo will require an adapter. The 510 connection has a brass pin which is the preferred choice in many mods due to its high conductivity. The negative end is spring loaded with air holes in the bottom cap for ventilation. The channel across the top is to ensure proper airflow to the atomizer. It has a rapid 5 times press mechanism in the switch for turning the device on and off as well as a 10 second cut off. The button flashes blue when turning the device on or off, and also lights when the button is pushed during normal use.

Performance: Sadly the little pocket mod did not do so well in the performance department offering an inadequate amount of output voltage to properly power any of the atomizers we tried on it. This was shocking as we were expecting very good results with the brass positive contact pin but apparently the material used in the spring just is not a good enough conductor of electric current. Even using very low resistance we were barely able to achieve any significant amount of vapor whatsoever.

Benefits: The size and weight of this mod makes it perfect for carrying in hand or in a pocket or purse, especially with the turn off feature. The channel across the top ensures a good amount of airflow to the atomizer and the holes in the cap ensure that the battery will not overheat. having the option of using two different batteries is a benefit and their size also makes them relatively inexpensive. The brass pin in the 510 connection is certainly a plus as well and best of all, it is rather inexpensive.

Overall Experience and Thoughts: The Vision Slip had all the makings of being an awesome little pocket mod with a minimal yet sleek appearance and quality craftsmanship, except for the spring. All of the Slip’s features worked as they should and it certainly felt well made. It is certainly no cheapy little mod with its stainless construction and solid fit and finish, however, we have always stood on the ground that consumers should never attempt to change or modify any of our products in any way which is why we had to make the decision not to offer this mod for sale. We hope Vision will revisit this design flaw at which time we would be more than happy to test this item again in consideration of carrying it for sale after the necessary changes have been made. As for immediate consideration the QC Team has decided not to pass the Slip.