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Sigelei ohm reader

Posted by Garry B on 12/10/2013 to New Product

The Sigelei Ohm Meter also known as a Resistance Reader is a meter device used for testing the resistance of the coils within an atomizer, clearomizer, cartomizer, and other atomizer devices with a 510 connection. The meter has a 510 connection built in that uses a large red 3-digit display to provide the resistance when the connection is paired with that of the atomizer device, so that the user can determine if the coil resistance is of a safe enough level to use with their battery, mod, or APV, as well as determine if there is a short. The reader comes with a USB power cable, as well as a 3.7v rechargeable 700mAh 14500 IMR battery for easier portability. The box itself is black, about the size of a 5v box mod, and also has an ON/OFF switch.

Product Specifications:

Width: 49.9mm | 1.96 inches

Height: 20.15 | 0.79 inches

Length: 80.5 | 3.17 inches

Functionality: Resistance reader

Reader Connection: 510

Accuracy: +/- 0.4

Min/Max Read: 0.01ohm-9.99ohm

Power Source: USB to Micro USB Power cord / 14500 Battery

Compatibility: The Sigelei ohm meter is compatible with all 510 connection atomizer devices including cartomizers, atomizers, and clearomizers. It is also compatible with, and for the most part intended for testing rebuildable genesis style and rebuildable dripping atomizers. Regardless of oneís skill level when building a coil they have no way of knowing what the coilís resistance level is if using a constant voltage battery device such as a standard eGo or mechanical mod. If the resistance level is too low it can cause damage to either one or both devices, and conversely if the resistance level is too high the coil may be ineffective for the voltage being delivered to the atomizer. Therefore there has been a significant increase in the demand for multi meters and more specifically ohm meters. Some internally threaded devices will require the use of a 510 to eGo adapter including Evod, T3S, R3, T2, Mini Protank(s), Ovape, Tumbler Tank, T3S Mini, and CE4 style clearomizers such as CE4 and iClear16. It is recommended that an adapter be purchased with the meter if the user does not have one already as they are very inexpensive and likely will be needed.

Assembly & Use: The ohm meter comes complete with a USB to Micro USB power cable and a rechargeable 3.7v 14500 IMR battery, either of which can be used for providing power to the unit, though for portability needs, the battery is required. Depending on preference, either attach the power cable to an available USB port, or install the fully charged battery into the battery bay on the bottom of the box. Toggle the ON/OFF switch into the ON position, at which time the red dashes will read across the display indicating no coil is present. Attach the atomizer to the recessed 510 connection by turning it clockwise until finger tight, same as with a battery. The display will then read 3 digits indicating the coilís resistance level. The user should already know what a safe level is and if not, should use all means possible for obtaining as much knowledge as possible of such critical information prior to even obtaining a rebuildable atomizer.

Precautions: As with all most electronic devices, the Sigelei ohm meter contains delicate circuitry and should be handled with care at all times; Never drop the device. When installing the battery, always ensure that the polarity, meaning the positive and negative contacts are facing in the correct directions. It is not recommended to leave the battery inside the unit for any extended lengths of time, but if so, test the battery periodically to ensure it still has a charge, otherwise remove the battery and charge it with an appropriate Li-Ion battery charger. The power cable that comes with the unit does not charge the battery.

Benefits: An ohm meter is not only a benefit for anyone building their own coils and/or using constant voltage devices, it is a necessity. It removes all guess work as to the safe level of a coil thereby protecting atomizers, batteries, and mods from unnecessary damage. The reader can also determine if the coil is the cause for any misfires or for the coil not firing at all. The meterís overall size is compact, and with the use of a battery, it is very portable and easy to carry in a pocket or purse, and with the Sigelei model, when the battery is in need of a recharge, the user can simply attach the included USB power cord so that the unit is never without a power source.

Conclusion: No vaper should be without this device. Even if an individual has an APV with a built in resistance checker, most will not show resistance below 1.2ohms and while low, some coil builderís still prefer even lower resistance, in which case it is even more critical to have an ohm meter to show the exact resistance. Concerning those that buy prebuilt coils, it is still a much needed tool for determining if it is the coil or some other reason when misfires and shorts occur.

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