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Kumiho eGo-C Passthrough

Posted by Gary B on 1/13/2014 to New Product

The new Kumiho eGo-C Passthrough USB Battery in 650mAh and 1300mAh is a version of the eGo-C battery that allows the user to continue vaping even when the unit can not longer provide power on its own by attaching it to a USB to Mini USB charging cable. The eGo-C battery has become the standard in e-cigarette batteries with most battery, clearomizer, and similar device manufacturers now utilizing eGo-C connections on their own products. This passthrough model runs at a surprisingly high constant voltage 4.2v vs. the standard 3.7v, and features either a 650mAh or  1300mAh capacity for most of the day, if not longer of continuous vaping without the need for a recharge. There is a host of built in safety features and the usual 5-click ON/OFF battery activation system. The Kumiho eGo-C is also available in several color options, all of which with the exception of stainless steel have a rubber-like non-slip coating. It should be noted that the 1300mAh Kumiho eGo-C battery is a half inch shorter than it’s competitors, roughly the same length as their 650mAh passthrough batteries.

Product Specifications:

Diameter: 14mm & 16mm | 0.55 inches & 0.63 inches

Length: 95mm & 103mm | 3.74 inches & 4.01 inches

Capacity: 650mAh & 1300mAh

Connection Type: eGo

Voltage: 4.2v

Cord length: 1500mm | 59 inches (4’11”)

Compatibility: The Kumiho eGo-C Passthrough Battery is designed to work with all eGo and 510 threaded devices without needing an adapter, though a beauty ring or sleeve cone is highly recommended when using 510 devices for concealing the threading. These rings or sleeves come in straight type D and flared type C2; Straight for smaller 14mm or 15mm 510 devices like the Vivi Nova Mini or the 2.5ml Smok Pyrex DCT, and flared for tanks and larger 510 devices such as the 5ml Smok Pyrex DCT ProTanks, UniTank, and the very popular HyperTank. The batteries come in black, white, pink, and stainless steel, can can be matched with the flared, or C2 style sleeves for a more seamless look. For charging and the passthrough functionality, only a mini USB can be used. This is one size larger that the micro USB that is used for most mobile phones, so it is important to carry the included cable if planning to use as a passthrough or to charge it with an Car USB Power Adapter (2A). Further, the standard USB side is NOT recommended for computers as it has been discovered that it can damage the board, and should only be used with a 500mAh wall charger adapter when inside the home.

Assembly & Use: There are 3 pieces to the Kumiho eGo-C Passthrough Battery, and they are the USB to Mini USB charging and passthrough cord, the bottom cap, and the battery itself. Unlike other batteries that require charging prior to first use, simply remove the bottom cap and plug the mini side into the port at the bottom of the battery and the other end of the cord into a 500mAh USB wall charger adapter, and the adapter into an electrical outlet. With a nearly five foot cord, an outlet should be within a range that allows you to vape comfortably while the battery is plugged in, then once the blue LED light in the power button turns off, it can be unplugged and with the cap placed back on the bottom it can be used the same as a standard eGo-C 650mAh or 1300mAh battery. In either mode, attach an atomizer device finger tight, turn the battery on by pressing the power button 5 times quickly, and when the white light flashes three times it is ready to use, just press the button and vape.

Precautions: As mentioned in the compatibility section, never use a computer with the passthrough battery. Even though it is recommended by many suppliers, doing so has been linked to damaging the board, which can end up being quite costly to fix, if not replace. Another precaution as eluded to earlier, atomizer devices including clearomizers, cartomizers and so on should never be overtightened or damage can occur to either or both devices. Turning the device until fingertight will provide a good connection in most cases, and if not, most atomizer devices have floating pins that can be pulled out slightly to ensure a good connection. The Kumiho eGo-C Passthrough is still a battery so it should never be subjected to extreme temperatures, hot or cold, nor left in direct sunlight. Finally, if carrying in a purse or pocket, avoid carrying it among sharp or other hard objects that may bring harm to the battery’s exterior, although carrying in a smaller or tight pocket is not recommended as it can cause the battery to overheat.

Benefits: Even though there are other passthrough devices, most require that it be plugged in constantly to function, not the case with the Kumiho eGo-C Passthrough Battery. Because the eGo is also a battery it can be used while plugged in and charging, or like a standard eGo-C battery, with a capacity that will last most vapers the majority of the day with the 650mAh,and all day or longer with the 1300mAh. Passthroughs are great for vapers on a budget that can only afford one battery, as they can still use it while charging. The USB to mini USB cable makes it possible to charge and vape while in the home, or while driving in a vehicle, and you know it will continue to work when you reach your destination because it was charging while traveling. The battery also features short circuit protection, atomizer protection also referred to as 10 second cut off, low voltage protection which cuts off power at 3.3v, and of course the ON/OFF locking function. Perhaps the nicest feature with the Kumiho battery versus other brands, is that the Kumiho power button has a series of different colored LED lights to indicate the power level. The white LED indicates that the battery has more than 80% power left, blue indicates between 80% down to 30% remaining power, and red for less than 30%.

Conclusion: For the newly starting vaper or the vaper wanting to step up from cigalikes but is still on a budget, the eGo-C Passthrough Battery is a no brainer. It combines the reliability and medium to large capacities of the Kumiho eGo-C 650mAh or 1300mAh battery, with a passthrough device so the user will never go without the ability to vape. Even more advanced and mod users can benefit from having one on standby; It is one device no vaper should be without.

To find out more about the 650mAh or 1300mAh Kumiho eGo-C Passthrough batteries, find updates and availability, or to pick one up for yourself or a friend at a great price click here  650mAh or 1300mAh