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Kumiho I-Tank BCC

Posted by QC Team on 1/23/2014 to Test Results

Product Description:

The Kumiho I-Tank Top Filling Glass BCC Glassomizer is a rather large 2.8ml clearomizer made of copper with a borosilicate (fancy name for pyrex) glass tube and is available in chrome or black chrome plating. It consists of 4 parts; The tank or body, base, replaceable coil, and a molded 1-piece screw on cap and mouthpiece. It features bottom coil technology and comes with a 2.4ohm replaceable coil installed, and additional 1.8ohm and 2.8ohm coils included in the box. The i-Tank also has native 510 threading, and a deceptively small 2.8ml capacity leak resistant tank.

Product Specifications:

Diameter: 19mm |  0.75 inches

Length: 73mm |  2.87 inches

Resistance: 1.8ohm/2.4ohm/2.8ohm

Capacity: 2.8ml

Connection: 510

Appearance: The i-Tank has a rather long and slender profile, with the usual top and bottom chrome bands and clear tube between them, with a flat bottom, and an odd looking, also rather long “Empire” style mouthpiece that is molded into the top fill cap. The Kumiho logo is laser etched onto the face of the bottom band, and “i-Tank Glass BCC” etched into the bottom cap in an arch formation. As with other chrome plated copper Kumiho tanks, the etched logo really stands out as it is the color of the copper beneath the plating, which adds a nice contrast to the otherwise all chrome canvas. Whether intentional or not, the long and slender profile does give the appearance of a much larger tank than it really is, but that is quickly explained away as we take a look inside.

Design: The first thing that will turn many prospective buyers away is the single, roughly 1.5mm fill hole, requiring either a blunt needle tip capped juice bottle, or a syringe which most people in general do not have just lying around. Next, the reason it looks so much larger than in reality, is because of all the space taken up by the internal brackets. Although the base and bottom bracket are similar to the Protank II, the top of the housing is not. The cap-mouthpiece is only about 14mm in diameter, so the top band-bracket has internal threading around the inside parameter, and the area between the top band and the air tube is all solid metal, with just the opening to the air tube and that tiny little fill hole. All of this metal makes the i-Tank quite a bit heavier than it’s competition. It is also a mystery why they use chrome plating rather than polished stainless, it just seems cheap in the midst of all the stainless clearomizers to choose from for the same price.

Functionality: Of all the Kumiho Bottom Coil Clearomizers we have tested, this is the closest to being the golden standard in BCC base and replaceable coil design. The coil “head” or “housing” features about a 10mm air tube that leads down into the coil and wick chamber, with an air hole beneath that is in the center of the bottom post which has the external threading that screws into the internal threading of the base. The head has two outlets for juice to gravity feed into the wicks and coil which create the vapor when power is supplied to the coils chasing them to heat up and evaporate or “atomize” the juice. The degree in which the coils heat up is based on the resistance of the wire used for making the coils; The lower the resistance, the hotter the coil.

Performance: Initially we had a hard time getting them to wick properly and experienced quite a few dry hits. Those that did eventually wick without becoming burnt seemed tasteless. The vapor production was slightly better than mediocre with the 2.4ohm coil at 4.0 volts, but again, no real discernable taste other than very little at the initial intake. The quality of wire used was also suspect at one coil head lasted about 6ml-8ml, about two to two and a half tanks, which could be another reason it was designed to look bigger than it is given the “perception is reality” philosophy.

Benefits: Because it is so cheaply made that savings gets passed on to the vendor and in the way of sales that savings usually gets passed down to the consumer. The glass tank is also a plus in respect to vaping juices that are known or thought to potentially cause damage to plastic tanks, thought the other benefit of glass, cleaner taste does not fit into the equation. Though not tested, the coil head design is very similar to Kanger Protank’s coil head, so there is a possibility the taste issue could be remedied, but it is still a chrome plated copper tank, and not the same quality as it’s stainless peers.

Overall Experience: For a company that makes such stellar batteries, it baffles the mind why they can’t design and produce a decent clearomizer. Not only that, but most if not all of their clearomizers require proprietary coil heads that are different from one another, so unlike Kangertech who has purposefully made their coil heads to be universal in their single bottom coil clearomizers, Kumiho has done the opposite. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery so it would appear Kumiho does not agree with Kanger’s business model and marketing style, and that will likely hinder future sales when users run out of the included heads and need to start buying replacements. The i-Tank may imitate other more successful clearomizers, but it falls short in quality and performance and that is why you will not see i-Tank in our clearomizer selection.